Apple Is Selling Refurbished iPhones

Apple Is Selling Refurbished iPhones

Even though you’ve been able to find refurbished iPhones for years via eBay and other marketplaces, Apple has made the step to sell refurbished phones through its online store. It was 9to5Mac that pointed the return to this practice.

Prior to this, Apple sold refurbished iPhones for a brief period in 2007. The smartphones will be available at somewhat of small discount of 15-percent, will be unlocked, and will come with a one year warranty.  Cosmetically, the refurbished iPhones will come with new outer shells available in all the current colors and a new battery.

It took awhile for the iPhones make it back to the refurbished showcase even when Apple already featured other popular devices. The approach isn’t anything new from other companies, but for Apple it’s a good way to move phones that were turned in on upgrade or simply not working and make some profit—especially with the price not dropping dramatically.

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