Apple Will Not Use Third-Gen Parts To Replace MacBook Keyboards

Apple Will Not Use Third-Gen Parts To Replace MacBook Keyboards

Replacing MacBook parts have become a thing recently. The keyboard is the main thing since that has been the crux of so many issues and reports in the previous months.

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While Apple will continue to repair MacBooks with issues–since they’re issues Apple should’ve addressed before sending them out–third-generation parts won’t be used in the repair process. The company is standing firm that they are only for 2018 MacBooks.

It’s a shame because the third-gen parts for the keyboard are reported to be quieter and work as expected. To avoid having to use these new parts and thus eliminating the purpose of getting the latest MacBook, Apple will tackle any keyboard issues for free.

The issues in question were mainly around unresponsive or overly sensitive keys. Users came to the conclusion that dust, crumbs, and other debris settled under keys and render them pretty much useless. As a result, Apple will either have to find and replace the culprit keys or replace the keyboard altogether.

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