Apple-MLB Deal Will See iPad Pros In Team Dugouts

Apple-MLB Deal Will See iPad Pros In Team Dugouts

A multi-year agreement has been struck between Apple and Major League Baseball to feature 12.9” iPad Pro tablets in every team’s dugouts. Armed with protective cases, the tablets will feature a special app called “MLB Dugout” which will allow team managers to check the stats of players. The app also allows team managers checkout older footage from games.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the tablets’ data will be updated before each game. Managers have the choice as to whether they will use iPad Pro or stick with their current method of keeping track of things. That said, unless that manager’s mind is steel trap for stats and figures, their notes are on point, and/or their gut feeling is always right, using the iPad Pro couldn’t hurt.

As is the case with newer deals, the money specifics of the agreement between Apple and MLB haven’t been made public yet. It should be interesting to see how quickly the tablets catch on, which managers decide to not use them in games, and performance between managers who do and managers who don’t use them.

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