Apple Patent Reveals Headphones That Can Read Heart Rate and Temperature

Apple Patent Reveals Headphones That Can Read Heart Rate and Temperature

Early today Apple was granted a patent which allows the tech giant to take huge steps into the medical arena while still remaining firmly in the tech and entertainment arena.

Dating back to 2008, the patent details headphones that can read heart rate, perspiration, and temperature among other biometric stats. The patent also details models that can be worn on ears (headphones) and within ears (ear buds). These models are also said to have accelerometers.

In keeping with health and medicine, Apple is said to have issued patent requests for technology concerning cardio, exploring heart attack prediction technology, and have met with the Food and Drug Administration.

Technology rival Google is also looking to explore the healthcare field with contact lens that can monitor diabetes. If Apple is really looking to get its feet wet in this particular arena then it’s safe to say they probably have diabetes related technology patents being drawn up as well.

The device is seen as Apple’s attempt to expand its body of technology should the appeal and momentum of the iPhone and iPad screech to a halt. Other ventures include the smart watch and the rumored talks of Apple with Tesla Motors.

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