Apple Pushes Against Repeal of Clean Power Plan

Apple Pushes Against Repeal of Clean Power Plan

A number of major tech companies are involved with or supported the Clean Power Plan. Initiated during the Obama administration, the plan was aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Apple is one of the companies not pleased with step by EPA secretary Scott Pruitt. 

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 Apple issued a statement with the EPA about its concerns over cutting the plan. While obvious environmental concerns were mentioned, the company hopes to strike a chord in detailing the financial and economic effects of cleaving the Clean Power Plan.  

It should be noted that Apple and other companies poured significant resources into cleaner energy. In the statement, the company points out that while oil’s price will constantly change, solar and wind wouldn’t. 

While there are legit concerns from companies about repealing the plan, in pushing for a conversion to clean energy it also opened up a new industry for companies to invest in and expand. Liken clean energy to joint efforts to ease concerns over AI that Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Google pushed in 2016. 

The plan was supposed to be in action until 2030 in which time the U.S. should have reduced emissions by 30-percent. Scott Pruitt opened the repeal to public opinion but said that the Clean Power Plan, an opinion shared by others in the administration. 

The EPA is planning a replacement for the Clean Power Plan, most likely one that includes more attention to coal, gas, and oil which are focuses of Trump.

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