Apple Removes Bose Products From Online Store

Apple Removes Bose Products From Online Store

It looks as though Bose products have been booted from Apple’s online store. For years Apple and Bose have worked together in a deal that saw Bose gear in Apple’s many stores.

Beats and Bose Avoid Patent Infringement Battle

The move seems to match up with two Apple-Bose related rumors. The first being that Apple was booting Bose from their retail stores and that Apple would be booting Bose to make room for Beats wares. Late this summer, Apple purchased Beats’ electronics and music streaming services.

The Beats-Bose feud ignited with a lawsuit being filed in the summer prior to the Apple purchasing Beats. The patent suit was over noise canceling technology that Bose said that Beat had stolen for their Studio family of headphones. This is issue was resolved earlier in October.

Fuel has been added to the fire with Bose scoring an NFL deal that sees the company as the only brand of headphones allowed on camera.

While Bose headphones will be leaving Apple’s online shop, their brand can still be found elsewhere on major retail sites.

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