Apple Rolls Out New iCloud Pricing Tiers

Apple Rolls Out New iCloud Pricing Tiers

Earlier today, Apple revealed its new pricing for iCloud. The new changes come as the company released the iOS 9 update today. Originally 20GB, the new 50GB storage tier will be $0.99 a month, 200GB drops to $2.99 from $3.99, the 500GB tier was dropped and 1TB takes a huge dip from $19.99 to $9.99 a month.

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The methods to upgrading or changing tier plans are pretty straightforward and generally follows the same steps of going to your device or computer’s Settings, Menu, or opening the program for Windows, heading to the Storage option, and going to the option to purchase more storage or changing your plan. Confirmation of your Apple ID will be needed for this process.

While Microsoft is still offering the cheaper storage option with OneDrive’s 1TB at $6.99 a month and Office 365 included, Apple will be able to compete directly with Google Drive and Dropbox’s offerings, but its free tier at 5GB is looking shrimpish compared to these two storage options.

The prices above are for the U.S, for the pricing for other regions you can check the iCloud storage pricing page.

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