Court Upholds Apple Patent Infringement Decision Against Samsung

Court Upholds Apple Patent Infringement Decision Against Samsung

It’s been fairly quiet on the patent suit front among major tech companies, but now a federal appeals court has ruled that Samsung does in fact owe Apple $120 million for infringement.

There’s so many thing that could’ve been infringed upon, but it turns out what the court zeroed in on was a rather minor, but important function in slide-to-unlock which is one of the iconic features or functions of the company’s iPhone. Another patent that the appeals court touched on was software that will turn contact information into links.

What this means is that the original verdict is upheld after it was overturned in an 8-3 ruling. It was found that the judges who overtuned the suit considered information that wasn’t originally introduced in trial.

In other case news, Samsung and Apple will be in court later this week for the big case that was originally against Samsung for $1.05 billion. That amount was cut down to $399 million. In late 2013 Samsung said that it only owed $52 million.

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