Apple And Tidal Said To Be In Acquisition Talks

Apple And Tidal Said To Be In Acquisition Talks

Apple is said to considering an acquisition of Jay-Z’s Tidal, a rival music streaming service that entered the arena in 2014. In its report The Wall Street Journal says that Apple and Tidal are still hammering out details despite the latter saying otherwise.

Considering Apple’s main, direct competition comes from Spotify, the move to scoop up Tidal could come more from wanting the service’s potential for exclusives than removing a potential threat off the field. That said, Tidal offers a lot of artist promotions for things outside of exclusive album releases.

While Apple could offer similar promotions for concerts and streaming events, Tidal has particular artists that pull in the subscribers, making those the main selling point of even getting the service. It’s something that could put Apple over the top on Spotify.

The coming months will show if anything pans out from these rumored talks, if things fall through, or if they were just that—rumors.

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