Apple To End Free iTunes Radio January 28

Apple To End Free iTunes Radio January 28

If you jam to iTunes Radio, you would’ve gotten the notice that Apple would no longer be a free service at the end of the month ending an over two year run for the service. According to Apple the only station that will be free is Beats 1.

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iTunes Radio is basically already a part of Apple Music as “Radio” and plans to phase out iTunes Radio to gradually move users over to Apple Music were speculated on with the closure of Beats Music at the end of November. If listeners want more well-rounded streaming radio or music and would prefer to stick with Apple, then they will have to move on to an Apple Music membership.

With Apple competing with Spotify for members, Apple seems to be taking the approach that it hopes will push listeners towards $10 or $15—for families—Apple Music memberships. Whether it will work remains to be seen as Spotify is still offering a free experience with ads that allows users to listen to whatever and even pick the track on the desktop app. There’s also Pandora which iTunes Radio was closer to in practice which also continues to offer a free experience.

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For new users the three month free trial which gives you access to all of Apple Music is still an option. If you’re the patient kind, you could hold out and wait for Apple to offer a Spotify-like membership for X-amount of months for a dollar offer. Other than that, there are other options out there in Pandora, Tidal and Spotify—which tends to offer its deal around holidays.

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