Apple to launch new app eliminating shaky camera syndrome?

Apple to launch new app eliminating shaky camera syndrome?

Recent information from industry insider sources indicates that Apple has filed a patent to greatly improve smartphone photos. We’ve all experienced “shaky camera syndrome” at one time or the other, especially when you think you’ve got the perfect shot lined up and then “snap” your hand moves.

This new and highly innovative app that Apple is working one supposedly works by capturing images as soon as you open your phone’s camera app. Once you touch the shutter button, the camera selects the best shot and saves it.

The idea behind the patent filed in October of last year that was described as “an image capturing device with continuous image capture”, is to improve the quality of photos taken with any of Apple’s mobile devices. The app lets the device choose the best photo of a series based upon a set of predetermined criteria. In simple, non-techno geek terms, it finds the one that is the sharpest and saves it to the device. How, by using a virtual viewfinder, the display will show an image that is at less than full resolution when you press the shutter on your device’s camera. Once the shutter is released, a slight delay gives the app time to go from partial to full resolution.  In other words, what you see isn’t what you get.  The app will instead “fix” the photo so it’s as clear as possible.  The images that the camera captures are stored in a temporary cache before the final image is selected.  One version of the app will supposedly give the user the option to preview the full resolution image from which to choose.

According to insider sources, the technology can be integrated into existing iOS without a great deal of change. However, with Apple facing extremely stiff competition from Android and other OEMs, it will most likely launch the new app with the typical Apple hype.

While this technology is a great way to improve mobile device cameras, there is a wide array of other options. Mobile device cameras are an area that needs to greatly impress consumers. One such option is Lytro that has shown clear interest in licensing a highly innovative selective focus technology to interested OEMs in the near future.

If Apple truly wants to stay ahead of the competition, then they need to do something that will stand out from all the rest and need to do it quickly before other developers take the lead.


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