Apple vs. Samsung: Tokyo Battle

Apple vs. Samsung: Tokyo Battle

Expecting some tech-related legal news this week? Well how about the continuing saga of Apple vs. Samsung involving patent infringement? By now we all know the deal: Apple says Samsung nicked some of their technology ideas, Samsung says Apple did the same. It all sounds like an endless game of high stakes slapboxing with victories being exchanged here and there—and that’s because it is.

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These legal battles are waged in countries all over the globe with this one taking place in Japan. Before Samsung gained a victory in Japan when the Tokyo Circuit Court decided that the Galaxy line of smartphones didn’t infringe on Apple’s patent for media synching. In that one, Apple was ordered to cover the costs for the case. In this particular showdown, a judge found several of Samsung’s devices to be infringing on Apple patents.

The size of the dent in Samsung’s wallet hasn’t been measured, but with both sides having heavy war chests, it isn’t enough large enough stop Samsung from taking to Apple and it definitely hasn’t stopped Apple from taking it to Samsung or any other company they’re currently feuding with for that matter.

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