Apple’s AirPods Will Cost $69 Each To Replace

Apple's AirPods Will Cost $69 Each To Replace

If you have AirPods or you’re expecting to get a pair of the recently released earbuds, you may want to really make sure not to damage or lose them.

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According to Apple’s page for them, one AirPod will run you $69 and if the battery needs to be serviced that will also run you for $69. Now those prices are for if you’re outside of the Apple One Year Limited Warranty which will cost you nothing.

The out of warranty price is the same for if an AirPod or the charging case is lost. Standard repairs for wear and tear are $49 for both an AirPod and the charging case.

Now if you’re not in the market for the AirPods, you can use either Bluetooth earphones or Lightning.

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