Apps that help you discover something new

Apps that help you discover something new

Nowadays it seems as though there’s an app for just about every aspect of our lives.  Why not use them to help us step outside our comfort zones to discover new things around us?  Whether it’s looking for a less-congested way to work or somewhere different to dine, there are apps just a click away that can help us break routine and discover things we might not even know existed.

To help you discover some of these things, here are a few of the dozens of apps available to get your journey started:

  • Foodspotting helps you look for a place to dine in one of the most beautifully simple ways possible: photos. With Foodspotting you can view dishes that other app users have enjoyed as well as find the closest eatery that offers whatever you may be craving.
  • Slacker Radio isn’t just another streaming music app. Not only can you create custom stations based on your favorite song or artist and expand those lists to include similar works, but you can also customize the amount of random music on those stations. Simply put- less skipping tracks more enjoyable listening.
  • Waze lessens the number of wrong turns and traffic delays for wherever you’re traveling to. This social GPS app helps you get around traffic delays and find the cheapest gas nearby. If you are delayed, Waze will also let you know how long the backup is and what caused it.
  • Saambaa lets you get your party on. The app uses local ambassadors who act as virtual hosts. The information regarding the details of hot events in your location is loaded in to the app. You can even invite friends who don’t have the app as well as chat with them while enroute to the party.
  • Flipboard takes your social network feeds from Twitter and Facebook and puts it in magazine form. You can easily view new content through curated channels that focus on your interests.
  • Krrb helps you find vintage and antique items through classified listings for shops around the corner or across town. You can let your fingers do the walking before you ever leave home.
  • Highlight makes it easy to find new friends. By sending push notices from Facebook when there is someone nearby in real life that has a mutual interest, you can either say hello face to face or message them.  No more being shy when you’re out and about.

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