Aramco Produces 1.8 Billion Cubic Feet of Gas Early 2013

Saudi Aramco began to add a billion cubic feet of gas per day in the local market, which succeeded in the operation of new gas processing facilities in its concrete development project within the Karan gas field of maritime ahead of schedule to run a few weeks.

Saudi Aramco said in a statement today, that the second phase of the Karan gas has been completed and after the operation of facilities at full capacity, which includes a unit for gas processing and sulfur recovery unit in the gas plant in the concrete.

The company was launched in the middle of last year the first phase of the development of this field is submerged Persian Gulf waters, which aimed to produce non-associated gas and transported through pipes under the surface of the sea to the gas in the concrete plant on land.

The field is located Karan, which was discovered in 2006 in medium water depth in the Persian Gulf at a distance of 160 km to the north of the company’s headquarters in Dhahran President. The project is designed to produce 1.8 billion standard cubic feet per day of non-associated gas by 2013 to support the Master Gas System.

Aramco showed the new project represents a valuable addition to the Master Gas System in Saudi Aramco as a field producer for the first non-associated gas in the territorial waters of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. Pointing out that the launch of this advanced stage of field development project Karan comes a confirmation of the role of Saudi Aramco as a leading reliable supplier of energy.

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