ASUS Qube To Hit Stores April 23rd


The ASUS Qube with Google TV was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. It was scheduled to be released earlier this year at a very reasonable price for the technology involved: $129. From all accounts from the Show, the Qube was ready for store shelves and had a good showing actually. It has now been given the release date of April 23rd and the price remains unchanged.

For those who haven’t heard, the ASUS Qube is a device linked to Google TV. The entire thing is cube-shaped and the interface is also utilizes a cube format. It uses the same Android interface, so if you use ASUS’ tablets you should be able to take to it easily.

Features include voice support, Google Primetime, and a remote with DLNA. The remote also features a QWERTY keyboard on the back as well as a gyroscope. ARMADA 1500 and 1GB of RAM powers the Qube and there’s the standard 4GB available for storage of various apps. If the available 4GB isn’t enough, ASUS is delivering with free 50GB of cloud storage so that you can stream TV and movies. This also allows for live streaming of shows and such from HBOGo, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon, Crackle, and Netflix.

Again, the ASUS Qube with Google TV will be available for $129 on April 23rd.

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