AT&T Throttles Unlimited Data With Stream Saver

AT&T has a new feature—Stream Saver—which will throttle data in what the company claims will give users more for their dollar.

AT&T Throttles Data With Stream Saver

Stream Saver is meant to be a “data-saving feature” and will even choke data if users have an unlimited plan although it seems more useful for plans where users have an allocated amount of data to use monthly.

According to AT&T’s release on Stream Saver, it’s will allow for users to make the most out of their data plan and stretch it even longer by knocking video quality down to standard definition. This is supposed to allow for users to have more data for streaming music, movies, and so on.

Stream Saver activates automatically, but users can turn the feature on and off if they wish to view content in the best definition.

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