AT&T To Increase Unlimited Data In February

AT&T To Increase Unlimited Data In February

It looks as though AT&T customers can expect a bump in their unlimited data plan prices come February. The $5 bump will bring the month fee to $35 and marks the first time in roughly five years that the company has issued a price bump to unlimited customers and has since ended.

FCC Gives AT&T Waiver For Wi-Fi Calling

So far AT&T’s data price bump is more attractive than competitor Verizon’s. While a price hike will be met with groans—outside of Netflix’s price bump which everyone saw coming—AT&T’s is $15 less than Verizon’s price jump.

The increase in unlimited data has never been particularly surprising given the demand of the feature. At the lower end of the plan spectrum customers are usually safe from fee hikes since the plans were initially meant to cover the essentials—texting and calls. With streaming being a big thing for roughly all service providers mobile or cable, companies are in a position to choke usage to several GB or up the price if they deem it necessary.

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