AT&T Urges The FCC To Wave It Through Regulations On Wi-Fi Calling

AT&T Urges The FCC To Wave It Through Regulations On Wi-Fi Calling

Recently AT&T attempted to drop a dime on Sprint and T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling and that both companies went ahead and launched their Wi-Fi calling services and didn’t get the green light from the FCC. The problem with it from AT&T’s view is that it is taking the intended route of getting permission to dive in, but according to AT&T the Commission seems to be dragging its feet.

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“There is a growing concern at AT&T that there is an asymmetry in the application of federal regulation to AT&T on the one hand and its marketplace competitors on the other,” the letter read.

AT&T also has said that it was in line with the Commission’s regulations for all related services to support “teletypewriting (TTY) devices.” The issue seems to be with AT&T supporting what it says is an advanced alternative to TTY in real time text (RTT). The lull in action seems as though it’s the FCC not waiving the rules on TTY so that the company could offer RTT in place of TTY and AT&T can get its Wi-Fi calling out.

In the end AT&T can only plead with the FCC to move on things since it can very well force the Commission to move on this. “Doing so will enable AT&T to offer its customers Wi-Fi calling capabilities and correct the asymmetry that exists between AT&T and its mobile competitors over remaining in compliance with existing FCC regulation when deploying services,” AT&T Senior Executive VP Jim Cicconi said in closing.

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