Autonomous Vehicles Tested On UK Streets

Autonomous Vehicles Tested On UK Streets

Oxford Robotics Institute and its Oxbotica company trying out its Lutz Pathfinder Pod just outside of London in the town of Milton Keyes. The autonomous vehicle also ran low speeds on a road with little traffic so it was a very safe test run. The Transport Systems Catapult—a government non-profit organization that finances new technologies in the country—oversaw the testing.

The self-driving pod looks big enough to hold one passenger and has a lot of the same technology as Google and other companies self-driving attempts with an electric battery and sensors that can detect obstacles, distance, and observe information and conditions.

In speaking with Reuters, program director Neil Fulton of Transport Systems Catapult said that the self-driving pods and the road tests were meant as a way to ease the public into the idea that autonomous vehicles will eventually become a part of everyday life. The goal at the moment is to have 40 of the self-driving pods on the streets of Milton Keynes by next year.

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