Baby Boy With Six legs Born in Pakistan

Pakistanis parents shocked on Friday after seeing their newly born child with 6 legs.

According to “The Express Tribune” the boy is in stable and fine condition, however because of the nature of this child’s deformity, hospitals official were taking extra precautions to avoid any infections the child may develop over time.

The child’s mother is fine to but she is shocked after informing the abnormality of her first newborn child. The father of child is Imran Sheikh who is working as the X-ray technician on a sparse income of Rs. 6000 (about $67) per month. This number of income is not enough to remedy and care this unusual infant.

Muhammad Qaisar, who works as a doctor at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad , believes that an operation to remove the child’s extra limbs can be performed without much trouble. “It is perhaps first child in the history of Pakistan having six legs. The case will also be a test for doctors and we hope for the better,” Qaisar was quoted saying to All Voices.

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