Backwards Compatibility Prank Turns Xbox Ones Into Xbricks

Xbox One

As its known the Xbox One doesn’t have the desired backwards compatibility to play Xbox 360 games. It’s something about “if you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.” The Xbox 360 didn’t have backwards compatibility for the most part.

Now gamers are turning their new Xbox One consoles into Xbrick Done consoles with a via a prank that promised to activate backwards compatibility.

Originating on 4chan, the prank gives uses a set of instructions that—to those desperate enough to try—would seem like they’re on the ball. The prank works by taking advantage not just of user but of a hole in Xbox One’s framework. That hole is the developer’s kit mode that can be activated.

To get around requiring Microsoft’s permission to activate dev kit mode, the circulated instructions below are used. For the safety of your Xbox One—meaning to keep it functioning—we strongly suggest that you not use the instructions.

Backwards Compatibility Prank Turns Xbox Ones Into Xbricks

It is after inputting the sandbox ID shown in step five and resetting that the Xbox One is doomed to rebooting forever. There has been some mention floating around that it’s possible to get out of the reboot cycle, while it has also been said that once the Xbox One is bricked, it’s bricked.

It’s best not to try out it regardless. Microsoft hasn’t released anything detailing how to unlock backward compatibility—which is something that they would’ve added from the start instead of making a hunt out of it. It is also unknown if Microsoft would be up for replacing consoles that were bricked after they informed everyone to stay away from the dev kit mode.

Again, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not try it.

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