Baidu and Microsoft Team Up To Expand Windows 10 in China

Baidu and Microsoft Team Up To Expand Windows 10 in China

Photo Credit: AFP Photo/Getty Images/Liu Jin

Earlier today Microsoft announced that it would be teaming up with Beijing-based web services company Baidu. The deal is meant to assist Microsoft on it push to get Windows 10 on a billion devices.

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The partnership could really move the needle for Microsoft as its newest OS has a presence on about 10 million devices in China and around 75 million on PCs globally so far. The number will jump quite a bit as the mobile version of Windows 10 recently came out, but is Baidu’s user base of 600 million is definitely worth courting—especially if Microsoft can get Windows 10 to even half of them.

Microsoft’s approach will see the company allow users to upgrade using their new distribution channel Windows 10 Express. To promote the OS to its user base, Baidu will showcase universal apps.

While the deal heavily favors Microsoft and getting Window 10 out there, it’s not a one-sided one. For its efforts to get Windows 10 to its user base, Baidu will be offered as a default search option and homepage in Edge, the default browser for Windows 10.

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