Beats and Bose Avoid Patent Infringement Battle

Beats and Bose Avoid Patent Infringement Battle

It looks as though Apple’s Beats brand will be avoiding a nasty lawsuit with Bose. The two audio equipment manufacturers were posturing for a legal showdown when Bose slapped Beats with a suit in July.

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The nature of the lawsuit was that Beats had stolen some of Bose’s patented noise cancelling technology. The endgame for Bose was to get headphones in Beats’ offending line—the Studio family of headphones—banned from being sold in the U.S or imported. The lawsuit was initiated a month before Apple purchased Beats.

Three months later and both sides have called off legal action and have reached a mutual agreement. As a result, it was requested that the International Trade Commission not check into the patent infringement claims.

MacRumors recently mentioned that Apple is poised to remove Bose audio wares from their Apple Store shelves. It’s believed that Apple wanted to make room for its Beats brand audio equipment. The move would surely add gasoline to the two headphone makers’ market rivalry and would ultimately add to what would’ve been an ugly legal bout.

Apple’s not the only one flexing its muscles. In a deal with the NFL, Bose has become the league’s only headphones to be featured during broadcasts. As a result, players wearing Beats headphones receive fines from the league.

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While Apple isn’t a company to shy away from a court battle, Bose is known to really go 100% when it comes to protecting its patents. Having one less legal battle to deal with is a plus for Bose, but a huge plus for Apple.

Currently Apple is dealing with a no poach clause situation among other suits and is staring down a potential suit from sapphire glass supplier GT Advanced Technologies.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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