Beats Music Scheduled To Close Down November 30th

Beats Music Scheduled To Close Down November 30th

Apple is shuttering Beats Music service at the end of the month and subscribers will head over to its fairly new Apple Music service. Launching in 2014, Beats Music wasn’t around very long and so it’s no surprise it would have been rebranded at minimum or phased out at most.

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It should be noted that Beats closed new subscribers since Apple Music’s June iOS launch. The service could’ve remained in play for a period on Android, but Apple mentioned awhile back that it would bring its new music service to the rival OS as well. Subscribers were transferred over to Apple Music and still have around two weeks to bring their playlist over to the new service.

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Apple Music’s current competitors are a mixture of established services and newer ones with established brands: Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio and more. Spotify is the biggest threat and currently has the best reach on web, mobile, and gaming consoles plus it has as a good seven years on Apple Music. Up until late 2013 Pandora had the same presence. It remains to be seen if Apple Music will be on those consoles, but it isn’t outside of possibility as Xbox One has both Xbox Music and Spotify.

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