Better Business Bureau Warns of Netflix Scam Using Remote Access Software


Netflix subscribers should beware of a scam that seeks to steal important login information.

The scam in question involves users getting an email requesting the Netflix subscriber to click a link. This link goes to a kind of trap page that resembles the Netflix login page.

Upon entering your information, the user will receive a notice that says the account has been suspended. There will be a message asking the potential victim of the scam to call a number posing as Netflix support.

The “support technician” will ask the user to download software which will take over their computer and give them access to all kinds of information—email accounts, Paypal accounts, shopping sites, and yes, banking accounts.

The Better Business Bureau investigated the scam for some time now and have traced it to a call center in India. The Bureau also points to the scam having other red flags such as the site being a pop-up and the support representative wanting to access the computer itself with remote software—which is something Netflix wouldn’t need to do if it was an account block issue.

According to the BBB the main way to avoid the scam is to not click on emails. If you’re suspicious, it’s best not to bother with it at all or to type the address in the search bar. Normally the URL will appear odd with jumbled numbers and letters.

It’s also a rule of thumb to never allow anyone to access your computer with remote access.

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