Bieber Stuns Mexico with Free Open Air Concert

Bieber Stuns Mexico with Free Open Air Concert

Famous teen pop star Justin Bieber stirred up the people of Mexico with his a free open air concert. The concert was said to have been attended by over 200,000 people.

If you are wondering why did Bieber do a free show, then let us make it clear that he was there to promote his forthcoming album “Believe”. The concert was performed at Zocalo Plaza in Mexico where he sung his super0hit songs, like Baby, Never Say Never and Boyfriend, his latest solo.

The Canadian singer was well complemented by a dance group, amazing stage lights and not to forget, his trademark bright sneakers. The approximate number of people who attended this 18-year old’s show was about 210,000 fans. The fact that Bieber’s fans preferred to set up camps near the show place and live over there for a couple of days just to get a prime position in the concert, tells us the huge fan-following that this teen pop star has.

The cops ensured tight security of the fans, and did a great job in avoiding stampede. The security was tightened even more after seeing over 40 Bieber fans injured in Oslo in his concert over there last month. At the age of 18, Justin Bieber has surely become a role model for millions of people, especially teenagers. Starting his career four years ago through a Youtube video, Justin never looked back from there on. To talk about a few of his achievements, he reached to a rank of number 2 on the Forbes-list as the most-paid celebrities under the age of 30 in June 2011. This could be understood by the fact that he is among those 7 celebrities who earned a whooping $53 million in one single calendar year.

On being asked upon the name of his latest album, he quoted “I’m not perfect but at the end of the day I always want to send a message… Everybody, no matter young or old, can always use a positive message; that’s why I named my album ‘Believe’.”

Bieber has expressed his wish to perform in seven big cities all across the globe to showcase his newly launched album “Believe”. Out of these seven, Mexico was one, and the rest includes cities like Oslo, London and Paris. His album is all set to be released on June 19, 2012.

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