Blizzard’s PC Games Can Now Be Live Streamed On Facebook

Blizzard's PC Games Can Now Be Live Streamed On Facebook

If the idea of finding the perfect configuration to stream your Blizzard game with sounds daunting and you don’t mind streaming to Facebook, then you’re in luck. PC players will be able to stream their gameplay live to Facebook thanks to the two companies launching its live streaming feature.

Blizzard and Facebook first announce a team up in June and that it would allow the sharing of gameplay through the social network. It’s a good way for Facebook to keep one foot firmly in gaming—especially with eSports being hot and its own gaming offerings losing their luster.

As stated earlier the feature is only for PC at the moment, but Mac support is on the way. Live streaming is available in several markets—Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, and Southeast Asia—but expect more markets to be added in the coming months.

To dive in, all players need to do is connect their account—the universal account for Blizzard titles—to their Facebook account. Once that’s done, you can share your gameplay from multiple Blizzard games. The company says the feature is activated in “all games” but not if it meant “all recent games” or a hard “all games.”

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