BMW Aims To Get Autonomous Electric Car In Production By 2021

BMW Aims To Get Autonomous Electric Car In Production By 2021

Earlier today BMW announced that it would be entering the self-driving car arena with its first line of electric, autonomous cars going into production in five years. To achieve this ambitious goal BMW will be working with Intel and Mobileye.

We already know what Intel does best and in this case it will bring the processing power for the first line’s system. The Jerusalem-based Mobileye is a large, well known company that supplies vision-based driver assistance systems. This basically means collision warning, motion detection and everything else that would make self-driving element of the car possible and effective.

The announcement of the electric, self-driving car is nothing new for BMW, but this marks confirmation that it will work on it and get it on the road by 2021. It also marks the first BMW line where the self-driving ability is the main focus on the vehicle.

While BMW is a little late getting to the starting line as several other manufacturers are looking to get their cars testing on the road, the trio of companies look to move quickly on the development and in-house testing fronts in these five years.

In that time autonomous vehicle regulation should be at a stage where its more uniform depending on the country which should make it easier for companies looking to enter this automotive frontier.

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