Breathalyzer for your Smartphone

Breathalyzer for your Smartphone

Handheld breathalyzers are already on the market. But why not have one on your iPhone? A start-up base in Burlingame, California have adopted the Breathometer for the iPhone and Android, allowing users to take a breathalyzer test using their smart-phone.

The company has recently passed its Indiegogo project goal of $25,000 and is still accepting donations. They claim the project is to help save lives and keep drunk drivers off the road.

“The more money we raise, the more product we’ll be able to produce and promote. Together we can help prevent drunk driving accidents,” the Breathometer campaign page notes.

Unlike most handheld breathalyzers, the Breathometer links its compact blood alcohol concentration calculator with an application that uses an easy-to-read display. All the user has to do is plug it into the audio jack of their phone, open the app, and blow. So simple, even a drunk person can do it.

If you are over the legal limit, part of the display turns red. Contrarily, if you blow green, you are good to drive. Legally, that is. The display makes it very easy to read, if one is impaired or not.

The app will also keep track of the user’s blood-alcohol content, and the company even hopes to add a push-button cab service in the future.

The limited price of $20 has passed, but consumers can still receive one for $50. It is a little more pricey than traditional units, but most likely worth the investment.

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