Feature On Low End Android Devices Sends User Information To China

Shanghai Adups Technology Company

It seems as though some budget Android phones come with software that monitors users’ correspondence and sends text messages to a server in China.

Security firm Kryptowire notes that this information is sent the server every three days. The software manages to get all kinds of other personal information such as call logs and contacts and was developed by Shanghai ADUPS Technology Company, but the software’s actual purpose hasn’t been specified which raises legit security concerns.

In speaking with The New York Times, ADUPS said that the software was meant for the Chinese market and is installed on over 700 million Android devices including the country’s large manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE.

U.S manufacturer BLU—which tends to deal in lower end devices—confirmed that some 120,000 devices are running ADUPS software. In a statement BLU said that it has since removed the software.

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