Bulger Offers Large Cash Amount To Families Of Slained Victims

Bulger Offers Large Cash Amount To Families Of Slained Victims

Former Boston mobster James Bulger has offered more than $822,000 in cash to the families of two men he is charged with killing: Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran. The murder occurred May 11, 1982. The money was found in the walls of the Santa Monica, California apartment he stayed in while on the run. Defense attorney J.W Carney Jr. announced the offer earlier today.

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The murder happened after Bulger found out—through his work as an FBI informant—that Brian Halloran was working with the FBI and giving them information on his operations. Michael Donahue was an innocent bystander who was getting a ride home with Halloran. Later the FBI was sued by the families both men. Unfortunately, the federal courts had to drop the case as the Justice Department argued that the cases were beyond the statute of limitations.

Michael Donahue’s son, Tom Donahue, was surprised by the offer and said to be “overwhelmed”. The Donahues and everyone following the case are looking to Bulger to take the stand. In the Donahues case it is to find out who else was with Bulger when he was said to murder the two men. As it stands, Bulger has today only to decide as the trial is nearing the end of its run.

U.S District Court Judge Denise J. Casper said that she wasn’t up for waiting to see if Bulger would be taking the stand and said that Bulger had until today to take the stand in his dense or to tell the court that he would be taking the stand to defend himself. If Bulger chooses to take the stand it would open the former leader up for questioning from the state, something that Bulger’s team is really looking to avoid at all costs.

Should James “Whitey” Bulger take the stand? Do you think he will? Let us know below.

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