Businesses Send 20 Million Marketing SMS Messages to Iranians

Businesses Send 20 Million Marketing SMS Messages to Iranians

Text messages are still one of the most powerful marketing channels in Iran and many businesses are using this platform to find new customers. Base on the recent statistics revealed by local mobile operators, Iranian businesses send 20 million marketing text messages to mobile subscribers in the country. Sometimes this could be annoying for clients but studies show 89% of people still want to receive these messages.

“According to the new ratification confirmed by Communications Regulatory Authority, mobile operators must request their clients to opt-in marketing campaigns. Hamrahe Aval sent 33 million notifications for its clients and only 3.3 million of users cancelled their subscriptions in the marketing campaigns. So base on these numbers, 89% of people prefer to receive these messages.” Hasan Rezvani, Deputy of Iran’s Communications Regulatory Authority, said.

“Statistics show companies and businesses send 20 million messages to mobile clients in Iran. Some subscribers may receive up to 4 or 5 advertising messages a day.” Davoud Zareian, head of the public relations office of the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI), announced.

The total number of mobile subscribers in Iran is estimated more than 50 million.

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