California Attorneys Point Out Holes In Uber’s Criminal Checks

California Attorneys Point Out Holes In Uber's Criminal Checks

Due to freelance nature of Uber’s service, the company doesn’t make as huge a priority of checking into drivers’ criminal backgrounds as it should. As a result, there are bound to be a few drivers that slip through the cracks. As a result, some 25 Uber drivers in Los Angeles and San Francisco have been pointed out as having criminal records.

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Prior to listing the criminal history of the drivers, The District Attorneys went into detail on Uber’s background check to show the contrast of what Uber says is its policy and what slipped through the cracks for their legal action against the company about how it promotes its criminal check.

Needless to say, what slipped through is seriously concerning. The crimes of the 25 drivers include theft, assault, identity theft, and exploitation with the victims of crimes being adults, children, men, women, disabled, or elderly.

The freedom Uber gives drivers and seeks in regulation has proven a problem in the past as far as criminal acts occurring in the use of its brand. One result of this is the company implementing a panic button in overseas markets for such situations.

The company tells Re/code that it is using the DA’s list to weed out previous offenders, but stood by its own background check policy against the live scan approach. Live scan fingerprinting is used by taxi companies and can access government databases and other essential data.

The District Attorneys will not be handling the heavy lifting of a lawsuit against Uber itself and leaving that up to the California Public Utilities Commission, the agency that oversees Uber and other privately owned services operating in the state.


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