Chaapaar is The Official Mail Service by Iranian Government

After the recent letter from Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran to the head of Central Bank of Iran and communications providers about using the local mail services, Chaapaar email service has been announced as the local and official email service running by Iranian government.

According to the statement by the ministry, the local banks should not provide online banking to customers who use foreign email services. So they must register in the local and official mail services in order to be eligible to use banking services from their email.

Chaapaar is now available on The https certificate of this domain name has been issued for Fanavaran Bartar Andish Farasb Company which should be a governmental corporation. Base on Alexa ranking service, Chaapaar is now ranked 71,829 in the world while its been placed 697 in Iran.

Iranian government wants to cope with the domination by Google, Yahoo and MSN in the field of IT services. Chaapaar is using the local datacenters.

Around 20,000 people registered in Chaapaar in the recent 2 months, after the site launched officially.

The https certification has been issued by a Turkish company.

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