Chaapaar User Base Crosses 200 Thousand Mark

Chaapaar User Base Crosses 200 Thousand Mark

Iran’s Chaapaar email service provider now has more than 200,000 users, Salman Afashar said.

“We receive around 1500 valid registrations a day and the total number of our user base crossed 200,000 mark.” Salman Afshar said, CEO of Chaapaar.

“According to our estimations and studies, the local market for Iranian email service providers is booming significantly and in the upcoming months we will receive more registrations and users. In this situation, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology must support private sector in order to help them compete with foreign email service providers such as Yahoo and Gmail.” Salman Afshar continued.

“Actually the notable parts of Iranian users are using foreign systems at this time and this is mostly because of the lack of advanced technologies in local email services. So if we improve and offer more features and options, more clients will be attracted to Iranian email services. If government supports us, we will add video and image sharing service to Chaapaar collection until the next (Persian) year.” Salman Afshar added.

Currently Chaapaar is operating under the auspices of Iran’s government.

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