Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. Arrested In Rural Texas Killing Spree

Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. Arrested In Rural Texas Killing Spree

TERRELL, TEXAS – A man suspected in a killing spree Monday night was apprehended Tuesday after leading law enforcement on a high speed car chase. The suspect, Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. (36) of Terrell, Texas, was revealed to have a lengthy criminal history dating back to 1995 which includes violence against a family member, drug possession, and burglary.

The prior mentioned assault occurred in 2011 and two years prior to that, Brownlow was given three years in prison on a felony firearms charge. He didn’t do the entire sentence and was out after seven months.

Law enforcement didn’t reveal the charges against Brownlow, only that he was suspected in the five related killings in rural Terrell east of Dallas. While investigating each crime scene, Brownlow was spotted running from a store to his car by an officer. This led to the car chase.

In a press conference following Brownlow’s arrest, Chief Jody Lay stated, “We’re all in a state of shock.You have a tendency to think, ‘How can that happen here?’ This is a country community, a rural community, people are real close. This is going to be, it’s going to have a really big impact on us.”

The suspect, Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. (36)The suspect, Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. (36)

Terrence Walker, the brother of Charles Brownlow Jr., told AP that the suspect had issues with drug addiction and lived with their mother. He commented that Brownlow “always wanted to take something that wasn’t his.”

Walker also said that their mother usually put up with Brownlow’s behavior. “I was hoping my mom would open her eyes and realize that she needed to let him grow up, put him out.”

Recalling one instance of having to deal with his brother’s criminal behavior, Walker said that his family spent the night in a hotel instead of their home and that he was armed in case Brownlow came for him.

The names of the victims and a motive for the attacks weren’t released. The attacks started around 5PM on Monday with a woman being shot and killed in a home in Terrell.

Roughly 30 minute later, there was a fire at Mary Brownlow’s house a couple of blocks away from the shooting. Her body was pulled from the rubble and it was deemed to be arson.

Later in the evening, around 10:30PM, there was another shooting in Terrell where the bodies of a man and woman were found. A 3-year old boy was also found unharmed.

When the description of a stolen vehicle that the suspect was in got to law enforcement, an off duty officer spotted the vehicle outside a convenience store. The suspect ran from the store just as the officer was calling in the vehicle, prompting the chase.

During the chase through a wooded area, a handgun or holster was tossed out. Later a police helicopter and search dogs were called in to help with the manhunt.

The hunt was over when the suspect, Charles Everett Brownlow Jr., was found hiding in a creek.

The fifth victim was a male clerk who was killed at the convenience store just prior to the chase. Ali Karimi, the owner of the store said that the clerk was a good person, a stellar employee, and left behind a 1-year old son.

In discussing the progress of the investigation, Chief Lay said, “We’re still in the process of putting this massive investigation together. We’re still making sure that surviving family members are appropriately notified.”

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