Chynna Phillips and Dancing With the Stars

Chynna Phillips was knocked out of Dancing With The Stars along with her dance partner Tony Dovolani in December 2011. However, it did not come as a surprise to many, as Chynna forgot most of her steps during the performance. Chynna is no stranger to limelight and one wonders what went wrong. It couldn’t possibly be nervousness.

Chynna is a part of a pop group comprising of 3 members, who call themselves Wilson Phillips. The group released its first self-titled album in 1990, which went on to sell more than 8 million copies. It was this album that contained the memorable and hit song Hold On. In 1992, the group released its second album, after which Chynna parted ways. But, she returned to the group in 2004 for the release of the third album.

Many think that Chynna stint in Dancing With The Star could be a form of promotion for her group as Wilson Phillips members have united and are once again singing together. The group made an appearance in Bridesmaids in 2011 and has a reality show in the pipeline with TV Guide Network. Even if Chynna gains some success in Dancing With The Stars, it will help Wilson Phillips quite a bit.

And considering that Chynna Wilson and her dancing partner were actually leading dancing pair in the show till Chynna forgot her steps, it will be a positive boost for Wilson Phillips.. Even after she messed up the performance, Chynna must have hoped that the audience votes for her. However, it was not to be. She and her partner were shown the door. While Chynna may not be a dancer even though she has been associated with music from birth, she did manage to make people sit up and take notice of her.

Chynna Phillips is the daughter of John and Michelle Phillips, who were part of the popular group The Mamas and The Papas. In addition, she has many films, such as Say Anything, Some Kind of Wonderful and Caddyshack II, to her credit. However, Chynna stepped away from the limelight, and the name and fame to raise 3 children that she has with her actor husband, Billy Baldwin. Now the Wilson Phillips reuniting and wanting to come back into the music world, it was definitely a good promotion idea to get Chynna on to the stage for Dancing With The Stars.

While Chynna claimed that she will be taking some time off from dancing, she will not quit it altogether. Hopefully, when Wilson Phillips performs live, we will see Chynna Phillips grooving to the music and songs.

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