Cloud Competitors Cutting Costs

Cloud Competitors

It seems as though Amazon Web Services and Google have lowered the cost of running cloud. Not only that, but Google has increased the virtual servers for users. Just like yesterday’s article about T-Mobile dropping contracts, this step is a result of competition in the cloud market. Basically it’s “Oh, they did what? Then let’s do this and throw that in as well. Let’s see them top that!” Amazon Web Services have been under fire for the complex nature of their Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) pricing structure depending on the service.

By lowering costs, Amazon would pretty much be looking to keep current users happy and draw in new users. Besides, everyone wants affordable pricing for quality services. Also, Amazon has lowered costs for S3 (Simple Storage Service). So what has Google done? You could say pretty much the same. Their Computer Engine—which also allows users to run Linux Virtual Machines much like S3—was unveiled in June and is similar in pricing to EC2. To sweeten the deal, Google is opening CE to companies and users who sign up for the Gold Support package which is $400 per month.

These steps are bound to draw in more users for their services make it worth lowering the pricing.

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