Comcast To Implement 300GB Data Cap In December

Comcast To Implement 300GB Data Cap In December

Comcast is raising the usage caps on data use in several markets in the southern U.S. The 300GB monthly cap will affect Comcast customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia on December 1st. If customers want unlimited data it will cost $30 or the price depending on the market. The option is $10 for every 50GB over 300GB.

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The plan isn’t statewide for the above markets and is on the trial basis. DSLReports noted that the specific markets include Little Rock, Arkansas; Houma, LaPlace and Shreveport, Louisiana; Chattanooga, Greenville, and Johnson City/Gray, Tennessee; and Galax, Virginia.

Comcast told customers there’s nothing to be alarmed about as far as having to pay the extra charges since the “median usage for XFINITY Internet customers is 40GB of data in a month.” The company’s logic is that the plan shouldn’t bother most customers since around 15% would fall within the data plan’s scope.

In a message to customers, the company said that it would send in-browser notices to inform customer “reach 90%, 100%, 110%, and 125%” of their usage plan. Customers with Comcast’s unlimited data plan won’t get the notice and can opt in or out on receiving these notices.

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