Cortana On Android Beta Update Gets Replacement Option For Google Now

Cortana On Android Beta Update Gets Replacement Option For Google Now

For beta testers who are looking to replace Google Now with Microsoft’s Cortana on Android devices, there is now a method of doing so. Google Now’s shortcut method—holding the home button—now allows for the option to activate Microsoft’s digital assistant. The quick activation feature is the newest in features that Android devices share with Windows 10 and the Windows Phone version of Cortana.

Microsoft Plans To Bring Cortana To Android and iOS

It should be noted for Google Now fans that Cortana won’t replace the default digital assistant. It simply allows for Microsoft’s assistant to have an easier method of activation via the most used method. For Cortana fans, “Hey Cortana” isn’t available in the update. This is down to the hardware issues that take having Cortana always active out of action.
There’s always room for improvement—hence beta testing—and since Cortana can’t be activated verbally, you can expect Cortana to be in every pot on an Android device in a way similar to Google Now so that it can be activated in more than one method.

Has Cortana on Android piqued your interest? If so, you can sign up to test it on Android here.

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