Cosmetic Surgery Turns into Social Fashion in Iran

Cosmetic Surgery Turns Into Social Fashion in Iran

Amanollah Qaraei Moghadam, Iranian social pathologist, believes the cosmetic surgeries have turned into social fashion in Iran.

“Iranian used to care a lot to cosmetic and aesthetic elements since thousands years ago from ancient dynasties. In the past time people tended to their unique fashion as it was common in their culture. But currently television, cinema and satellites are expanding the make-up culture between people; even those in rural areas are affected by these activities.” Amanollah Qaraei Moghadam said.

“Now cosmetic surgeries became a social fashion in Iran, however its not unique to Iran. These surgeries are now considered as a new social issue because the number of them is out of the normal scope.” Qaraei Moghadam added.

The most popular form of plastic surgery in Iran, where the female form is kept largely under wraps, women prefer to spend their money where they can show it off. Currently Iran is the nose job capital of the world.

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