Twitter Could Dive Into Streaming Media By Adding Music Discovery Service


It appears that Twitter will be diving into music discovery with the acquisition of We Are Hunted. Rumors towards the move have been confirmed with Twitter mentioning it on its official account as well as a page for the service.

At the moment, you can synch your Twitter account with it, but it’s very possible that the service will be up and running soon. The acquisition of We Are Hunted goes hand in hand with Twitter’s snagging of video sharing service Vine and it looks like it could grow to be a Swiss army knife of online recreation. One could say that it’s a kind of one-two punch of social networking and streaming media.

While there are concrete ideas of when Twitter’s supposed music discovery wing could be available, IGN has thrown out this weekend’s Coachella music festival as a good time for it.

Needless to say, this could be a good means of getting people to hang around on and around Twitter longer. Listening one song or watching one video leads to another and another. Before you know it, it’s pretty much like Tumblr where you just can’t leave or taking a “Wikipedia Walk” where you get far away from what you were originally reading. That is if Twitter launching these streaming media services, of course.

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