Cox Communications Served Due To Lax Piracy Enforcement

Cox Communications Served Due To Lax Piracy Enforcement

Rightscorp handles the dirty work of getting in contact with internet service providers and serving them with lawsuits on behalf of music labels BMG and Round Hill. The target this time is Cox Communications.

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The ISP and cable television giant is said to have not been active in punishing customers who download music illegally. When companies feel that ISPs aren’t doing the job they ask them to do—enforce the protection of their copyrighted material—Rightscorp is sent in to either twist the arm of ISPs or effectively break it with legal action.

To date BMG and Round Hill have said Cox was alerted to roughly 200,000 customers/accounts in its network still downloading illegally. In the complaint the companies note IP addresses that have infringed on copyrighted material, the number of times that IP has done so, and the window of time privacy occurred.The companies then go on to accuse Cox of actively avoiding having to punish subscribers.

BMG and Round Hill Music’s complaint can be viewed here in its entirety. 

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