Cuba Manages Better Internet Access

Cuba Manages Better Internet Access

Photo By: Frank Reyes, AP

Better internet access in Cuba is becoming a reality thanks to an undersea cable to Venezuela. The Associated Press reported that Cuba has 118 government funded computer centers where people can pay and snag internet access. The cost for an hour will be $4.50 so it’s not exactly something you could be leisurely with considering the average monthly salary is around $20 according to the Associated. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Cuba’s Vice Minister of Communications stated that mobile internet will arrive in Cuba in “a relatively near future.”

Hopefully in a near future internet will be at least near standard via libraries and public places so that it can be accessible by more people than just those who can spare the $4.50 a month. If people are reeling in roughly $20 a month on average or less they’re unlikely to indulge the internet. It just wouldn’t seem worth it.

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