D.C Airspace Restrictions Hits Area Drone Clubs

D.C Airspace Restrictions Hits Area Drone Clubs

The FAA recently opened the doors to operators registering their drones with a February deadline as it establishes a stricter body of rules for consumer operated UAS. One area that will see particularly strict laws is the DMV (Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia) as the FAA has requested that several hobbyist clubs to stop flying in the airspace because of security concerns.

According to Motherboard, the FAA banned drone flight within 30 miles of the National Airport in Washington D.C—up from 15 miles prior to September. The no fly zone effectively knocks out 14 popular sites used by model aircraft and drone enthusiasts.

Around 36 clubs have been forced to make changes to its operations. Most have simply put a halt on meetings or closed up while other clubs moved its activities indoors or completely out of the area covered by the restriction law. Also with any restriction there are a few who will fly anyway whether intentionally or not being familiar with the airspace ban.

The Academy of Model Aircraft has expressed optimism that the airspace restrictions should be cleared up by January and the organization is currently in talks with the FAA.


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