Dallas Cowboys Gets FAA Approval To Use Drones During Training

Dallas Cowboys Gets FAA Approval To Use Drones During Training

The FAA has been busy this year getting everything in order regulation-wise for drone usage. The Administration recently opened the doors for registration of drones and established a system for registering drones based on weight and purpose. Professional football team the Dallas Cowboys have been using drones in its training, but never got clearance from the FAA.

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Usage of drones in training was first mentioned by head coach Jason Garrett last year and said that drones provided a unique vantage point on the field on both the offense and defense.

The FAA weren’t impressed by the Cowboys not getting clearance—especially since drone flight is generally banned around various structures including stadiums. The Cowboys were quick to file for a 333 exemption and can now fly a drone as long as the team does so with a licensed drone pilot.

The Cowboys aren’t the only teams using drones. The Titans also got clearance to use them in stadiums and the Giants and Patriots were said to be using them as well. Last year the NFL managed to get FAA clearance to use drones. The main implementation of that being batted around is as alternative camera angles of the action and stadiums.

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