Death Toll In Cairo Clashes Near 70, Likely To Rise

Death Toll In Cairo Clashes Near 70, Likely To Rise

The Cairo protests have resulted in more deaths and injuries as Egyptian law enforcement shot dozens of pro-Morsi protesters. This occurred shortly after General al-Sisi declared for a motion to crush violence and terrorism. The incident occurred close to a mosque held by the Muslim Brotherhood in the morning during a sit-in by pro-Morsi protesters.

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Ahmed Aref, a spokeman for the Muslim Brother stated that 66 people were slain while an additional 61 were on life support and “brain dead”. The nation’s department of health put the number at 65 dead. Aref went on to say that some 4,000 wounded or suffering from tear gas effects. Of the incident he said, “Innocent blood was spilled. We have gone back 10 years.”

The scene outside a temporary, self-fashioned morgue saw 28 bodies lined up around the construct. There bullet wounds in the heads of some while others had shots through the necks and/or chest. It was said that more bodies were brought to the morgue as Morsi supporters and security forces clashed.

Doctors within the conflict zone have put the death toll at over 100 people while al-Jazeera stated 120. Both estimates are almost double of the accounts from spokesman Ahmed Aref and the department of health. Interim Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said that the Muslim Brotherhood exaggerated the number dead to fan the flames and said that the police did not open fire. It’s this same lack of clarity that defined the first shooting that left dozens dead. It’s a case of “who did what first”. Ibrahim stated that protesters and residents near the mosque clashed in the morning when a bridge was blocked resulting in security forces using tear gas.

Of the pro-Morsi protesters and the continued weekly conflicts with security, the Interior Minister said, “God willing, soon they will be dealt with.”

The clashes are expected to continue and actually raged on in the eastern Cairo suburb of Rabaa al-Adawiya. Gunfire rang out from security forces as crowd control with pro-Morsi protesters. The supporters hid for cover during the display. Those who were shot were taken to a field clinic of sorts where their wounds were treated, but medical staff ended up closing the clinic after supplies ran out.

When comes to blame, those in the clash zone place it on General al-Sisi who called for the ousting of Mohamed Morsi which ignited things. From the anti-Morsi end, the blame is obviously placed on Morsi himself due to mismanagement of the country and the gathering of power for the Muslim Brotherhood.

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