Diablo 3 Jumping From PC to Consoles in September

Diablo 3 Jumping From PC to Consoles in September

Diablo 3 has been doing pretty salty on PC and Mac. It was initially mentioned that the game would be heading to the PlayStation 3, but now it’s also appearing on the Xbox 360 September 3rd. The PS4 version is slated to be released sometime afterwards but Blizzard’s said nothing about Diablo 3 heading to the Xbox ONE console. It’s said that the home console version of the game will have all of the features of the PC and Mac versions including updates.

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This will definitely mean more exposure for the title and more units of the game moved overall. There will be the whole PC gaming vs. console gaming “Console ports ruin the game” thing–which has been mentioned with personal favorite Mount & Blade–but for those us without the massive or even a decent gaming rig who want to play this title, this is a huge thumbs up.

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