DJI To Establish Drone Space For Enthusiasts

DJI To Establish Drone Space For Enthusiasts

Shenzhen-based drone manufacturer DJI has been one of the companies at the forefront of making drones more mainstream via brick and mortar stores in South Korea and China. The company is now giving drone pilots a space to enjoy them at a time when regulation on allowing drones to share the skies with larger aircraft is still being hammered out.

Located in Seoul, the venue appears to be a large, converted warehouse with 1,395 square meters of space. DJI says everything will be set up for pilots of all experience levels and a space to do repairs. The space can also be used by drone clubs for races, meet ups, and other events.

As with any new concept in an industry, expansion into other locations are dependent on the success of the first few locations—often in a major city—as is the case with ride hailing services running new projects. The idea could even catch on beyond Seoul. If airspace regulation doesn’t change to include drones and drone parks don’t become a thing then drone arenas surely could.

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